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Spectro Scientific is a portable instrument for the analysis of oils and greases Dear readers, listeners and just not indifferent to the topic "Reliable Equipment"! Today we will talk very briefly about what information oil carries. Yes, the same oil that is poured into the gearbox, turbine, hydr ... aulic system, and much more ... will Help us in our conversation line of equipment that offers for sale to its regular and new customers the company BALTECH. We will start as always "from simple to complex". What's the easiest thing to do? Of course BALTECH OA-5000. So, having this portable Express laboratory at your disposal, you can always know how much your oil is contaminated with conductive impurities. Who's to say it's inconvenient? I don't think there will be any! But, at some stage of operation of the BALTECH OA-5000, the question will arise: "what is the oil contaminated with?", "Maybe we don't care about oil pollution at all?", "Perhaps it is enough for me to know the chemical state of the oil?". Then of course you should contact the company BALTECH. And You will be offered minilab 23 (Spectro Scientific, USA). This is exactly what will allow you to know everything about the chemical state of your oil. And a nice bonus is the ability to determine the viscosity. But! It may be important for you to know about the presence of ferromagnetic impurities in the oil. Then you should think about a more powerful minilab. And it is, of course, in the range of equipment of the company BALTECH. MiniLab 33 (Spectro Scientific, USA) is suitable for solving your problem. With its help, you can accurately find out about the presence of various iron-containing particles in your oil. But, production is a very difficult thing. Sometimes, knowing the total oil contamination is not enough. There may be various reasons for this. For example, in hydraulics, knowing the maximum capabilities of the filtration system, you need to have information about the size of the particles that clog the oil. Indeed, this may be key to the functioning of the entire system. BALTECH has taken care of you in this case as well. It has a range of minilab MiniLab 53. It is able to answer the question of what and how many particles are in your oil. But, as we know, nothing good happens much. And in the field of oil analysis. There will come a time when you will realize that just knowing about the number and size of particles in the oil is not enough for you. And this is logical. After all, you know the structure of the system (unit, mechanism, etc.). And sometimes it is important to know which node is subject to wear. This information will help you identify the defect and plan spot repairs, which will save you a lot of time and money. That's exactly why the top version of MiniLab 153 (Spectro Scientific, USA) appeared in THE line of baltech minilabs. This is the case when having such equipment at your disposal, you can count on full information about your oil. Now you have a system that will allow you to decompose all your impurities into elements. Several dozen chemical elements, various types of wear, viscosity and chemical parameters of the oil, all this information you will get for analysis and forming a conclusion about the state of your unit (mechanism, node). I think that everyone who heard this information today wants to drop everything and rather look, feel with their hands such a minilab. You have this opportunity! BALTECH company came to the market of "Reliable Equipment" in order to give you everything you want. Training courses on the topics of NO-2010 "the concept of "Reliable equipment" (developer Romanov, 921-757-90-51) and " TOR-105 Fundamentals of the theory of machine lubrication. Tribodiagnostics. The method of oil analysis under operating conditions " is carried out within five working days and lasts forty academic hours. We recommend that you visit the BALTECH office in Saint Petersburg.

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