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Spectro Scientific – instruments for tribodiagnostics The operator who is engaged in the operation of an industrial object constantly conducts its diagnostics using the methods available to him, tracking: temperature mode (permissible heating), sound (noise, rattling, ringing or Vice versa quietl ... y), vibration (shaking or quietly working), the presence of foreign odors, and so on. Based on the presence of certain features, an assumption is made about the normal or abnormal operation of the object... Carrying out all the same analogies with medical diagnostics, you probably know what kind of analysis is mandatory for almost all diseases – a General blood test! If we consider industrial equipment, then of course this is the analysis of oils from lubricants for all rubbing elements. There are many solutions, the main thing is to correctly formulate the task itself. Most often, the mechanic is interested in what is the need to change the oil? The fact is that manufacturers of both equipment and oils can not give unambiguous recommendations on the service life and the need for replacement and give very average data. Every day you are faced with such statistics. Answer the questions for yourself first to clarify the concept of " average value»: How often do I need to change the oil in the car engine? Oil in the engine changes - once for 10-15 thousand car mileage. Note that for oils, one figure differs from the other by 33%! In other words, between two substitutions, the margin of error will be more than 60%! One can't help but conclude that the average can't be taken as a standard! Different duration, operating conditions and modes, different climate and weather conditions, variable composition of the filled oils, even if the label of the canister says the same thing (there are no oils with a constant formula!). Therefore, repeating the question about the timing of oil replacement-the answer is only based on the results of diagnostics! There are a large number of companies that produce oil analyzers: the most famous in Russia is the company BALTECH and the company "MVR", from the world brands I would like to highlight the American company Spectro Scientific (USA, Boston), which at one time absorbed many other companies, including even one of the branches of Emerson! Indeed, equipment diagnostics with the help of Spectro Scientific oil laboratories gives the most complete results. And despite the fact that they are not cheap, they have a huge demand at Russian enterprises. The interests of Spectro Scientific in the Russian market are represented by an exclusive distributor, service and licensed training center-the company "Baltech" in St. Petersburg. Diagnostics of equipment using the Spectro Scientific oil laboratories is carried out in three directions, having different depth of analysis, answering the question of what we may be interested in: 1) only Interested in the suitability of the oil for further use and confirmation of the need for replacement? This is the cheapest option of oil laboratories! 2) Is there a need to determine the "reason" that caused the deviation of the physical and chemical properties of the oil from the control sample (note, not from GOST or ASTM, since this will again be a large averaging)? Oil analyzers of this group will be more expensive, but at the same time they can be used for input control of oil quality, comparing with the characteristics of the reference sample. The infrared spectrum of the oil is removed, this is like a "fingerprint" and compared with another "fingerprint". Also, the" thickness and pattern of lines " is used to study the chemistry of oil, including acid number (TAN) characterizes residual oil, base number (TBN) – the presence of active additives, water-flooding oil (Water ppm, %) – availability of water in the engine oil is unacceptable, the acceptance value is 0.2%, and the presence of 0.5% water – will create an explosive mixture, then examines the degree of nitration, sulfonation, the presence of soot and glycol and, of course, analyze the viscosity of the oil. But you should understand that simply changing the oil, because it is watered or the viscosity does not meet the standard class-does not always solve the problem! For example, changing the oil will not solve the problem if the reason for its watering is a worn seal through which moisture enters. 3) there is also a direction for diagnostics of equipment using Spectro Scientific oil laboratories for oil analysis. In other words, the wear particles of the equipment present in the oil are analyzed and on this basis the degree of its wear and the need for repair or replacement of some parts is determined.

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