BALTECH VP-3460 - vibration meter –tachometer- balancer

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BALTECH VP-3460 - vibration meter –tachometer- balancer- thermometer BALTECH VP-3460 - vibration meter –tachometer- balancer- thermometer is produced by BALTECH. Our company supplied more than 500 portable systems to specialists in dynamic balancing. The BALTECH VP-3460 balancing system is manu ... factured in accordance with the technical specifications and is designed to measure, record and analyze the vibration and temperature parameters of working rotating machinery and mechanical structures for the purpose of monitoring and diagnostics of their technical condition. BALTECH VP-3460 can be used to measure electric motors, pumps, fans, exhaust fans, compressors, turbines, generators in operation in various sectors of industry and science. The device allows measuring vibration, phase, rotor speed and temperature. For the purpose of measuring rotors in their own bearings BALTECH VP-3460 has a built-in processor to calculate correction weights and angles of installation in the balancing planes. The BALTECH VP-3460 system is a simple, convenient, portable measuring device that provides not only an objective, quantitative control of the machinery current condition, but also allows technicians to reasonably determine necessary timing, scope and content of repair and adjustment works as well as to objectively monitor the quality of the works. We invite you to take part in the training the course TOP-102 Dynamic rotor balancing in our office BALTECH GmbH (Germany, Lubeck).

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