BALTECH VP-3405-2 – vibration pen

23/05/19 09:50:29 | offer | Protection, occupational safety
BALTECH VP-3405-2 – vibration pen (vibration velocity, vibration displacement, vibration acceleration) The vibration meter BALTECH VP-3405-2 is designed to measure three vibration parameters - acceleration (peak value), velocity (RMS) and displacement (Peak-Peak). OPERATION The operation p ... rinciple of BALTECH VP-3405-2: Press the sensor to the measurement plane, holding the BALTECH VP-3405-2 vibration meter perpendicular to it. Make sure that the sensor is in contact with the test surface, the applied force should be about 5-20N so that the vibration of the monitored object is completely transmitted to the vibration meter. Measurement points should be a bearing, bearing support, or any part that accurately transfers the machine vibration, or any part the response to the exciting force of which is obvious. For accurate vibration measurement it is necessary to test three different directions orthogonal to each other. The BALTECH VP-3405-2 vibration meter does not have a memory unit for storing data, so you need to record the measurement data manually.

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