BALTECH GmbH - installation of bearings, bearing removal

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BALTECH GmbH - installation of bearings, bearing removal, repair of couplings, rings. The operation principle is induction heating! The induction heater is a special transformer with a primary winding with a big number of turns and secondary short-circuited winding, the role of which is performe ... d by a bearing and a heated metal part with a bore, through which a magnet core passes. Current ratio is inversely proportional to the number of winding turns. Thus, large AC current that is flowing in the secondary winding, in bearing rings, causes their even heating up to a required temperature. The primary winding and the transformer core are not heated. When switching off the induction heater bearings can have residual magnetization, which attracts metal particles and causes damage to the bearing. BALTECH HI-1660 induction heater automatically demagnetizes bearings after heating to a defined temperature. The use of the induction heater BALTECH HI-1660 excludes smoke, strong smells and oil pollutions, it is harmless for staff health. The induction heaters are designed and produced with account of their possible long-term usage, which implies their operation in different area, including industrial one. NEW!!! Installation of bearings, bearing removal, repair of couplings, rings.

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Nataly Wypijewski
+49 45137087700

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