BALTECH GmbH- dismounting of bearings, bearing assembling

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BALTECH GmbH- dismounting of bearings, bearing assembling, bearing heating. Bearings heaters with 2 and 3 yokes have no analogues in the world (BALTECH HI-1612, BALTECH HI-1660). These models are designed for use in repair departments and in production assembly lines, where it is necessary to h ... eat 2 or 3 parts simultaneously. These bearing heaters are the most popular on the market, as their cost is cheaper than two or three similar bearing heaters. You can select the operating mode of one or several yokes simultaneously. Due to the great demand for these models of the bearing heaters, they are always available on stock, so delivery time is only 1-3 days. The best instruments of 2013 year - replacement of bearings, bearing mounting, bearing heating! Induction heating is the fastest, environmentally friendly and safe method of heating bearings prior to their installation – the whole procedure is controlled by a microprocessor. In contrast to conventional methods of bearing heating (parts): oily bath, ovens, burners, hot plates that have large dimensions, are dangerous to health personnel and have big power consumption. The induction heaters BALTECH HI-1660 allows properly and uniformly heating bearings and parts, they are convenient, practical and do not require special maintenance. By purchasing our bearing heaters, you get a unique resource-saving technology. Not Expensive!!! Replacement of bearings, bearing assembly, bearing heating.

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Nataly Wypijewski
+49 45137087700

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